“If the symphony of colours does not work”, Milhazes remarks, “the seduction ends.” Milhazes, again: “I am no longer concerned about visual dizziness. I am more concerned with making the eye spin round.” Her pictorial discourse exacerbates excess. Her Works are puzzels, spirals, confusion, vortices, a gathering of dissimilitudes, foliage. “When I thought about creating rhythm”, she comments on one of her paintings, “the image of Mondrian’s Boogie-Woogie came to mind as something with an accelarated rhythm in which the eye cannot keep still”

Herkenhoff, Paulo. Beatriz Milhazes, The Brazilian Trove. Beatriz Milhazes. Birmingham: Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, AL: Birmingham Museum of Art, 2001.

“The work of Brazilian painter and collage artist Beatriz Milhazes treads a fine line between the cerebral (and occasionally even visually austere) impulses of modernism, and the untutored, celebratory, colour-saturated excess of folk art as it spills in the direction of carnival.”

Glover, Michael. “Rio Azul, Beatriz Milhazes, White Cube Bermondsey, London, review: Visually seductive, slightly vertigo-inducing.” Independent, 18 Apr 2018 (Article)

“Ms. Milhazes’s widespread appeal lies in the fact that she is a “glocal” artist, someone whose work is grounded in the international language of modernism while also firmly rooted in her own place and time.”

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